Introducing Savor Herbs & Vegetables

Redwood Nursery Welcomes Savor: A New Dimension of Sensory Delight

We are thrilled to announce that Redwood Nursery is now home to the Savor brand, bringing an innovative collection of edibles and fragrant plants to our well-curated selection. Savor, a pioneer in horticulture, has been recognized for its focus on creating dynamic, immersive gardening experiences. With its introduction into our nursery, we guarantee our customers a heightened level of sensory pleasure.

At Redwood Nursery, we’ve always prided ourselves on curating a diverse selection of plants, where quality and variety go hand in hand. This new addition of Savor’s edible plants takes our offering to a whole new level. You’ll discover a unique range of edible varieties from aromatic herbs and spices to luscious fruit-bearing plants, all known for their superior taste and nutrition.

Savor also brings an array of fragrant plants. These aren’t just regular flowers – their potent aromas can transport you to a world of sensory delight. Picture walking through your garden, the air filled with the scent of fragrant roses, jasmine, or lavender. These plants promise to transform any outdoor space into a living, breathing bouquet.

At Redwood Nursery, we believe in the transformative power of gardening, and with Savor’s line of edibles and fragrant plants, we are introducing an exciting, new way to experience your garden. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting your green journey, Savor provides an opportunity to engage your senses in a unique and gratifying way.

We invite you to Redwood Nursery to experience this exciting new addition. Our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to guide you through the Savor collection and assist in choosing the perfect plants for your garden. We can’t wait to help you add a dash of flavor and a wave of fragrance to your gardening adventures with Savor!

Visit the Savor website for growing tips and recipes >

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