Garden Center in Swansea, MA

Find the perfect plants to transform your garden by visiting our garden center in Swansea, MA. At Redwood Nursery & Garden Center, we offer a variety of plants and garden accessories for your home. We have everything from annual and perennial flowers to beautiful trees and shrubs.

Additionally, our staff will provide assistance with your landscape design to ensure you are choosing plants and trees that will look amazing in your yards. Visit our center to learn more about our landscaping services and to explore our vast collection of beautiful plants and flowers.

Ready to Install Plants

Whether you are looking for flowers to plant in your garden or baskets to accent your patio, our center has everything you need. We offer a wide range of potted and hanging plants that are ready to be placed anywhere on your property.

Our skilled professionals take care of the plants that we grow so that when you take them home, you know that you have a healthy garden that will last all season. Additionally, we have carefully selected plants and flowers that are suitable for growing in New England, further ensuring that your garden looks amazing.


Landscaping Help

Let our team help change your yard and garden with our exceptional landscaping and design services. Our expert designers will work with you to determine the best layout and plant choices for your garden and yards. A properly designed landscape will complement and improve the look of your home, significantly increasing the value of your property.

After determining the design for your gardens, our team will carefully install your new plants and features. We also offer maintenance services to keep your lawns and gardens looking great. To learn more about our design and landscaping solutions, reach out to our office.


Other Garden Products

In addition to offering plants and landscaping services, our center also provides a number of other products for your gardens and lawns. Whether you are looking for garden sheds, play centers, or stonescaping supplies, our shop has everything you need. With these features and products, you can make your garden and lawns even more amazing.

Contact us when you are looking for potted plants and flowers or when you need landscaping services. We proudly serve Swansea, MA, and the surrounding areas.




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