September Gardening Tips from Redwood Garden Center

September in the garden is a period of transition. As summer’s warm embrace starts to wane and the crisp whispers of autumn edge closer, it’s the ideal time to get your garden ready for the approaching cooler months. Here are some expert tips straight from the Redwood Garden Center to keep your green spaces flourishing.

1. Prepare for Frost:

The first frost often approaches by mid-October. As this date nears, monitor weather reports. Shield delicate plants by covering them on cooler nights or relocating potted plants indoors.

2. Harvest Summer Crops:

Gather remaining summer vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. Unripe green tomatoes can be brought inside to mature, or you can indulge in the classic dish of fried green tomatoes.

3. Plant Fall Veggies:

Late summer to early fall presents the perfect window to sow crops such as lettuce, spinach, radishes, and kale. These cool-weather vegetables will thrive in September’s milder temperatures.

4. Divide and Transplant Perennials:

If perennial flowers or herbs appear overcrowded or are spreading too much, now’s your chance to dig, divide, and replant them.

5. Aerate and Overseed the Lawn:

September is optimal for lawn aeration, ensuring that vital air, water, and nutrients reach grass roots. Post-aeration, consider overseeding to fill any sparse patches, fostering a verdant lawn.

6. Embrace Composting:

Cleaning out your summer garden beds? Start or add to a compost pile with the plant debris. By spring, this compost will be ready to enrich your soil.

7. Plant Bulbs for Spring:

For a radiant spring showcase, embed bulbs like tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths now. They require the chill of winter to bloom vibrantly in spring.

8. Mulch Garden Beds:

Post-cleanup, spread a layer of mulch over your garden beds. This not only conserves soil moisture and combats weeds but also gives your garden a neat appearance.

9. Maintain Garden Tools:

Ensure your tools are cleaned, sharpened, and stored correctly. This will not only prolong their usability but also set you up for a smoother start next spring.

10. Water Trees and Shrubs:

While summer is notorious for its watering demands, early fall watering is just as critical. Ensure your trees and shrubs receive ample hydration before the ground potentially freezes in winter.

September is a time to enjoy summer’s bounties, brace for winter, and sow for spring’s return. By heeding these tips from the Redwood Garden Center, you can maintain a garden that offers beauty and abundance throughout the year. Happy gardening!

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