Thriving Gardens and Deer Deterrence: Successful Landscaping in New England Gardens

Greetings from Redwood Nursery in Swansea, MA! We’ve seen a growing concern among customers about deer-related damage to their well-curated gardens. Given our location, interactions with these graceful creatures are not uncommon. However, we’re firm believers that a harmonious relationship can exist between the gardener and the local wildlife, with a little smart planning and plant selection.

Redwood Nursery boasts a vast assortment of plants that are not only native to our region and therefore inherently resilient, but also deer-resistant varieties from Proven Winners, a brand known for their excellence and horticultural beauty.

Certain plants are less appealing to deer due to their inherent characteristics. Those with a strong fragrance, such as Lavender, Sage, and Thyme, tend to deter deer, while simultaneously enhancing the sensory appeal of your garden. Other Proven Winners plants like the Deer Resistant Mix of Superbells (Calibrachoa), Supertunia (Petunia), and Superbena (Verbena) are not only visually stunning, but also less likely to attract these woodland creatures.

You can also consider adding plants with prickly leaves, like Barberry, or those with a bitter taste, such as Daffodils and Foxgloves, into your garden layout. These plant attributes typically discourage deer from feasting on them.

In addition to selecting the right plants, there are other effective ways to keep deer at bay. Netting or fencing can offer a practical barrier. You could create a visually pleasing, natural barrier with a dense row of deer-resistant shrubs, such as Boxwood or Andromeda from the Proven Winners collection.

Commercial or homemade repellents serve as another practical solution. An easy DIY recipe involves an egg mixed with water and a touch of hot sauce sprayed onto the plants. This mix, while harmless, is not deer-friendly and should be reapplied after rainfall to maintain effectiveness.

Keep in mind that no plant is fully deer-proof; during times of scarcity, deer might sample plants they would usually avoid. But by combining an appropriate choice of plants with preventive strategies, you can significantly diminish damage and maintain a thriving, vibrant garden.

Visit us at Redwood Nursery for personalized guidance on deer-resistant gardening and discover our wide range of Proven Winners plants, ideal for a flourishing and deer-resilient landscape. Happy gardening!

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